A Lesson From the Passing of 28

This past week Chels and I suffered the loss of our goldfish, ’28’. We named her ’28’ becuase my golden birthday was last year and I turned 28. So, what better gift then a goldfish named ’28’. ’28’ was a happy fish- it loved candles, swam excited whenever we got close to it’s bowl and loved eating it’s food. Last week ’28’ began having issues with her swim bladder and it led to her passing. ’28’ was a good fish.

Today, coming down the stairs I noticed that her empty bowl had not yet been cleaned and put away. For whatever reason Chels or I have not gotten to it. I then thought this- “What in our ministry is dead and needs to be cleaned up, put away for something new?” You see, we need to move forward with ’28’ and like many elements in ministry, we need to move forward on some dead elements.A recent example of this was our video announcements  in the beginning it served it’s purpose (youth listened and payed attention); a month later we were spending 2-3 hours a week making those videos and the youth no longer responded the way they did in the beginning  It was dead! However, it took us 7 months to clean-up and put an end to those video announcements.So, what in your ministry is dead and needs to be cleaned up, put away for something new?

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