I have an ambitious goal of reading 40 books this year and books like AHA make this goal possible. I am not writing that to imply that AHA was a short read with no depth but that Idleman’s style of writing works with me. AHA not only spurred thoughts but I retained these layered thoughts because of the stories Idleman utilized to communicate.

AHA builds off of the the story of the Prodigal Son; a story I have preached on and studied many times. But Idleman introduced many new angles to this well-known story. AHA is an acrostic of three thoughts: awakening (realizing our situation is not ideal), honesty (understanding that you need help) and action (stop procrastinating and run to Jesus).

Here are some highlights from AHA that resonated with me:

“That’s where the AHA journey begins. Not with a determined commitment to self-help but with a humble request for God’s help.” (p. 26)

“A good friend will sound the alarm. They don’t want to share it, and you don’t want hear it, but it’s the only way you’ll wake up.” (p. 39)

“God, open our eyes, and let us see the pride that has blinded us, the sin that has hardened us, and the lies that have deceived us.” (p. 46)

“If you’re in need of a startling realization in your life, begin with solitude and silence. You may find that God has been trying to get your attention for a while but you haven’t been able to hear Him. Not because He hasn’t been loud enough, but because you haven’t been quiet enough.” (p. 69)

“Instead of brutal honesty, many of us have chosen continued denial. We have been confronted with a reality that is so uncomfortable, so inconvenient, we choose to continue living in a false reality.” (p. 99)

“Defensiveness often reveals an area of our lives where we’re in denial.” (p. 107)

“Our society has become masterful about blaming others for our own foolish choices. Instead of being brutally honest with ourselves, most of us want to place the blame on others.” (p. 114)

“Sometimes, as a pastor, in an effort to avoid upsetting people, I tend to lighten the full brunt of the truth. There’s a temptation to avoid using words like sin, sinner, hell, and punishment.” (p. 128)

“We spend much of our lives stuck between honesty and action.” (p. 144)

“The Prodigal Son didn’t just hope his luck would change. He didn’t wait for the famine to end and the economy to turn around. He came up with a plan of action.” (p. 156)

“When there is an awakening and you come to your senses and know something needs to be done and think to yourself, Tomorrow I will … or Next week I’m going to … That is not the Holy Sprit. The Holy Spirit does not procrastinate.” (p. 180)


David C. Cook has graciously offered to giveaway a free copy of AHA to one lucky reader on my blog. There are two ways to enter this giveaway (choose one our do both for double the chances):

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Comment below on an “AHA” moment you’ve had in ministry, leadership, faith or life.


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5 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: AHA

  1. An AHA moment I had around Christmas time this past year started with me having thoughts and visions of a ‘Youth Conference’ for my community. But I was waiting for help from someone… anyone. The song ‘Do Something’ by Matthew West smacked me in the face. I tell my high school Sunday School class all the time to step out on faith and make change happen. It’s time for us to Do Something. Don’t wait on help that might not ever come, go do it!

    Brad Fowler
    Knoxville, TN
    Twitter @BradFowler11

    • Brad…you speak truth! I sometimes wonder how God feels when He plants a seed (an idea, if you well) but we never develop it out of fear (the devil’s number one weapon).

      Ironically, I am sharing a post today (maybe, unless I procrastinate) about the need for ministry leaders to network more. The youth conference is a wonderful idea and I hope you are chasing after that. Are you?

      Thanks for checking out the blog, blessings to your ministry and good luck with the giveaway.

  2. Aha moment. Wow that god will ptovide his followers with what they need not what you want necessarily I needed a job I have one is it what I wanted for a job no I just need more faith and prayer for my action

    • “Needs” versus “wants” is a challenge…and what we think we “need” is not always what God thinks…thus making that “need” into a personal “want”. When we pray it is important to be inline with God’s heart. In my experience pray is when I have aligned with what God is promising to me.

      PS- Thanks for entering Robin and visiting the blog!

      • In line with god I understand but job was what I needed and received but this job is hard to get to my want. Or desired job was better in pahy and easier to get too. With no car the tarc is a huge pain to get to struggling pay bills I am not asking for a huge yacht private school education only food water electric and rent my needs no offense to you. Being off work for a week total devastes my world