BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Family Time- A Guide to Family Devotions

Ron Brooks has been in children’s ministry for more than 15 years, serving in a variety of differently-sized churches. He is active on Twitter, co-hosts the Kid Ministry Collective radio show and coaches churches that are looking to establish an innovative children’s ministry. Recently, he published a family devotional book entitled, “Family Talk- A Guide To Family Devotions.” With the beginning of the new year, many people have inquired on a recommendation for families looking to establish devotional moments for the first time. Recently, I interviewed Ron about his book and here is some of what we talked about:

What is your heart behind “Family Talk”?
“Family Talk” started out as devotions that were sent home with families in Ron’s church. The themes and lessons that were discussed in the devotional matched up with the pastor’s sermons at the time. Ron knew the benefits of family-based devotions and this spawned a desire to inspire and equip families to hold their own devotions. Ron sought to create a resource that can help ease parents into the practice of regular family devotions by not making the book overly intimidating.

What makes your devotional book different from others out there?
Unlike some other devotional books for families, “Family Talk” was tried and tested in Ron’s church. His church members came from a variety of backgrounds, so Ron sought feedback from these families to help make the devotional book more functional. That means “Family Talk” has been put into use and revised to become an effective tool in helping parents lead their children spiritually.

Why are family devotions so important?
Ron told me that he wanted to inspire parents to be the primary spiritual leaders by creating a resource that helps empower parents. The fact is that some parents struggle in their own faith. For that reason Ron desired to create a level “learning field,” which will help both parent and child approach the devotional times without fear of individual failure. Inspiring parents is the key to regular faith discussions in the home and “Family Talk” is that discussion starter.

At the end of the interview Ron said he wanted to “provide parents with a tool to lead their kids.” These devotional times are not challenging but they can provide a vehicle to help establish faith discussions in the home; which for many families and churches alike is a challenge.

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