BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Leading Change Without Losing It

In a matter of a couple days I purchased and read the Kindle version of Carey Nieuwhof’s new book, Leading Change Without Losing It. First of all, this is one book that I recommend all leaders to read. Even if you are not facing change right now in your ministry, you probably will at some point.

Second of all, some leaders love to be in environments of change; however, the people that follow these leaders tend to not always share the same enthusiasm. The true challenge of change is not how we change, but who will follow throughout this change. A matter that Carey writes about and effectively coaches the reader through.

As a family pastor at a replanted church, we have undergone some incredible changes. I must admit that reading this book encouraged me greatly but also offered some great insight I wished I had when I first began serving at my current church. Here are some popular highlights:

  • “People who lead change without losing it develop strategies that lead to the right focus on the right things at the right moment.”
  • “Change challenges assumptions, and people react when assumptions are challenged.”
  • “Not only do leaders lose their jobs over change, something worse happens: leaders lose heart when their hopes for change die.
  • “When you listen to the loudest voices, you miss the most important voices.”
  • “It’s actually impossible to move to what was; you can only move to what will be.”
  • “Leaders need to keep their focus on who they want to reach, not just who they want to keep, in every season.”
  • “If you want to create a vision that inspires others, don’t make it about yourself or simply the needs of your organization.”
  • “One of the most important questions you’ll ever answer as a leader is this: Will you focus on the people you want to reach, or the people you want to keep?”
  • “So when you consider the 10 or 100 who might leave your church if you change, just pause to remember the almost 10,000 who aren’t coming because, so far, you have failed to change.”

Carey is a wonderful writer; very easy to read but extreme powerful in wisdom and insight when it comes to the challenges leaders face in their pursuit to bring change.

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11 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Leading Change Without Losing It

  1. Trevor
    Great post
    Leading is never easy but change is often worth the struggle.

    • It is worth the struggle. The only prayer I have is that solid pastors/leaders survive the onslaught of “nay sayers” and challenges they will encounter. This a BIG reason I love Carey’s book. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  2. “So when you consider the 10 or 100 who might leave your church if you change, just pause to remember the almost 10,000 who aren’t coming because, so far, you have failed to change” – love his quote. I heard Carey speak at a conference earlier this year, he was very engaging and helpful. (Btw I love your comment about subscribing to you blog making you happy)

    • Thanks Kaye…I always know you visit whenever my analytics show a visit from Sydney. It is challenging to be a church that embraces this statement ..but honestly; I Jesus was very clear about the far from faith always being a focus for the Church. God did not call us to be a stationary force but a force of movement across the world.

  3. I’d like to revamp our guest services ministry from A to Z.

    • Awesome! First impressions are key buddy. There are many resources out there to help with this endeavor. Our church has gleamed a lot from Nelson Searcy. Keep up the revamp and bring that change!

  4. would like to change ( not lose ) passion and drive to– focus and determined

    • Where there is no passions…things perish. Thanks for sharing Chad!

    • This is a beautiful change! We recently went through this and I can not express how much of a challenge it is BUT after going through this change it is a beautiful thing. We still have a 95 year old member who serves every Sunday…her husband was the architect for the original building from the 50’s!

  5. Alright, has spoken. Thank you all for entering the giveaway Carey wrote a wonderful book and I hope you all get a chance to read it soon. So, we had 8 people sign-up for the giveaway and here are the three that are getting a signed copy of “Leading Change Without Losing It”:

    1) Tom Bump
    2) Chad Little
    3) Jonathan Walterhouse

    Email me your addresses, and I will send it off after Christmas: trevormclee (at) gmail (dot) com

    Merry Christmas and thanks for entering!