BOOK REVIEW: Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom

Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom is a book that will radically shift your perceptions of the church, family ministry and God’s Word. As a family pastor I am continual looking at other churches and talking with fellow ministry leaders to grasp a plan for effective family ministry. However, Rob Rienow pens this whole book boldly claiming that the Bible is sufficient and filled with truth that will guide ministry leaders to establish a church that invites people into the Kingdom. Here are some highlights- and trust me there is a LOT I made- to help grasp the basic concepts of Rob’s approach to family ministry:

  • “Can we honestly say that our jam-packed church calendar and our dynamic programs for every demographic group are making radical disciples for Jesus Christ?”
  • “Every person comes into the world through a father and a mother. It might be a broken family, adopted family, foster family, Christian family, or atheist family, but it is a family never the less.”
  • “God created two institutions to build His Kingdom and advance His Gospel, the local church and the family.”
  • “Church is not man’s idea.”
  • “Now is the time to return to the Bible alone for every matter of faith and practice!”
  • “Church members begin to measure their walk with God based on how close they feel to Him, rather than on their trust in Christ and obedience to the Bible.”
  • “According to Jesus, two fundamental things are required for us to bear fruit for Him. First, we must hear the Word. Second, we must accept the Word.”
  • “Nothing is more important in the local church than the preaching of the Bible. Hearts are turned, minds are transformed, and lives are changed when the Holy Spirit works through the proclamation of His Word.”

I’ll be honest with you, this book will keep you up at night; and every other paragraph you will stop reading and stare into space as you process what you just took in. It is thick with viewpoints, juicy with wisdom and a generator of questions that you will mentally & spiritually wrestle with. Personally, it is a wonderful reminder that the Bible is ample and that the certainties in His Word are relevant in every aspect of ministry. My only gripe with Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom is the fact I read it alone…this is one of those books you need to read with your team.

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