REVIEW: The Preschooler’s Bible

When it comes to preschool-aged children they progress to a point where they want to read books like the older kids but they don’t quite have the skills necessary to read on their own. Usually at this age good books are defined by the illustrations inside the book and the parents’ willingness to help their child read. As a family pastor I seek two things: 1) to help the next generation fall in love with God’s Word and 2) to inspire and equip parents to embrace their roles as the spiritual leaders of their children. For these reasons I recommend The Preschooler’s Bible by V. Gilbert Beers. Here are some reasons why:

Physical Book: The size of the book is perfect for a preschooler. I remember when children’s Bibles were huge for kids. The compact size of The Preschooler’s Bible allows children to carry it around and read it on their own. Also, my child is notorious for ripping pages so that’s why I appreciate the thicker, durable pages of this Bible!

Illustrations: Tammie Lyon, the illustrator of The Preschooler’s Bible, did an outstanding job of creating the visual scenes of the Bible stories shared in this book. Small details in pictures really stood out to me. For instance, when you look at the picture above you’ll see a small mouse on a flower, a monkey holding a banana and a tiny ladybug. The artworks allow for further interaction between adults and children because you can explore the pictures and not just look at them.

Interactive: When I interviewed the author, Gill, he was quick to point out that he desired the adults to interact with the children and not just read the story. Gill accomplishes this interaction by sprinkling age-appropriate questions throughout the stories to help generate dialogue. As a family ministry pastor, I appreciate this aspect of the book because it helps establish a faith-dialogue between parents and children.

Selection of Bible Stories. The Bible stories Gill selected are age-appropriate and give a general storyline to the overall story of God. The Preschooler’s Bible allows for a general understanding of the Bible by covering both the Old Testament and New Testament. Although the stories don’t recite scripture, the paraphrasing of the stories is appropriate for the age of child trying to grasp the very basics about God.

Topical Index: I found the list of Bible lessons at the back of the book to be helpful. This great addition allows for parents/pastors to share stories that might be relevant to a particular situation your family is going through or a subject you want to teach.

Overall, The Preschooler’s Bible is a wonderful book for your ministry. Parents will appreciate the suggestion of this resource because it will help instill Biblical knowledge in their little ones and generate opportunities for parents to be the spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. The Preschooler’s Bible is a platform to launch conversations and spiritual moments with children as they grow.

Win a copy! I’m giving away a copy of The Preschooler’s Bible to one lucky winner. To enter:

  1. Read this book review.
  2. Leave a comment sharing your favorite Bible story as a kid (or adult).
  3. Deadline: Sunday, Nov. 11 at midnight. The winner will be revealed in a comment on this post on Monday, Nov 12. Good luck and thanks for participating!

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12 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Preschooler’s Bible

  1. My favorite Bible story when I was a kid the story of Jesus’ birth. It was the only story I knew because my family didn’t go to church, but every Christmas Eve we would dust off our old family Bible and read it.

  2. Elijah taking on the priests of baal. I pray for that boldness everyday

    • Chad, you are the winner!

      Please email me at trevormclee (at) with your mailing address and we’ll get that sent off to you!

    • Mom, you’re the best…I still remember you reading the Kid’s Bible to me as a kiddo. It made a difference.

  3. This sounds absolutely wonderful. My two preschoolers love to read bible stories and I am looking for just this kind of bible. They love to carry their bigger bible to church, but it is so bulky and large. They love the pictures in our bible and know the stories just by the pictures.

    Our family favorite bible story is David and Goliath. My son sings the song “Only a boy named David’ every time we read the story. I love the lesson that God doesn’t always look for the large and the strong, but chooses just the right person for the job. He say something in David that no one else saw. I encourage my children to be just that!

    • Thanks Patti for sharing! David and Goliath is a wonderful story.

  4. This looks like such a cool resource! Thanks for reviewing it and giving it a thumbs up. I would say that my favorite passage of Scripture was the story of Gideon growing up. Not only did I play trumpet but the amount of faith that Gideon had to wittle the army down was inspiring.

    • Thank Kyle for checking out the site and sharing your favorite Bible story as a kiddo!

  5. Well, after sending all your names through and the winner is:

    Chad Little!

    Thanks gang, hope to do more of these.