Five Reasons We Need To Network With Local #KidMin & #FamMin

Lately I have had a couple coffees with children’s and family pastors around the Seattle area and it has become clear to me that we need more KidMin/FamMin networks. So many of my colleagues are tired, stressed, lack vision and just need an environment to recharge. This made me begin to think why networking is important. Here are five reasons we need to network with local KidMin/FamMin:

4 Ways I React When A Volunteer Leaves

I wish I could tell you that I retain 100% of my volunteer, but unfortunately I don’t. If you did not know every four months I email all my volunteers and ask a simple question of whether they want to continue serving in children’s or help them move to a different ministry in our church. There are many reasons for this, but manly this question gives our volunteers an opportunity to prayfully consider what God has laid on their hearts. After two years of emailing this question every four months I stumbled upon some thoughts on volunteers who choose to depart the children’s ministry.

The Vision Of Family Ministry At LifeCC

The more I talk with family and children’s ministry leaders, the more it becomes clear to me that we are on survival mode. Meaning that our focus is truly on the Sunday to Sunday and not the big dreams God has given to us. I do not mean this as an attack, because I find myself in “survival mode” more often than “dream mode”. When I ask a fellow ministry leaders many of them can not even formulate a sentence that clearly defines why they do, what they do. Vision is only helpful if it leads you; vision is not suppose to be the lone sentence you place in publications or post on walls…it must mean something.

The FAST Acronym

Confession time: my secret delight on some Sundays is swinging by Taco Bell on the way home from church for a late lunch. I know, I know…my bride does not approve all the time but it is what it is. However, this post is not about my secret delight; this post is about what I saw sitting in my car in the drive-thru.

Multi-Use Church Building: Factors For Success

Our church, like many others, share space. Have it be with another ministry, a preschool or a outside group that rents out the place. It is rare today for ministry space to be sacred and only used by your ministry; which brings up the question of how do we co-exist with other groups in our space? How can you become a multi-use church? I have experienced many benefits with sharing my ministry space. But with every benefit, there are some drawbacks. Here are a list of factors to be aware of to limit the drawbacks of using your space with multiple groups.