D6 Conference- Tweets, Livestream & More

Starting Oct. 16 and ending Oct. 18, the D6 Conference is live in Louisville. One of the things I love about the internet is the ability to follow the “happenings” online via Twitter and also, through the D6 livestream. To celebrate and encourage online participation, I picked out a couple of great tweets (thank you tweeters) from D6 conference in Dallas last month (September 25). I encourage you to join the conversation, interact and grow as a ministry leader these next couple of days.

Orange Tour 2013- Breakout Three

Reggie Joiner// It’s OK to have fun with kids, just for fun.

Fun over time equates relation. We should not underestimate the element of fun.

Fun over time::
– convinces kids you actually like them
– reconnects what has been disconnected
– fosters resilience
– authenticates forgiveness

What you do for kids every week really matters…actually it matters more.

Orange Tour 2013- Breakout Two

Cueing Parents//Mike Clear

Most parents don’t want more information they want better information.

Sometimes we push too much on our parents…focusing on equipping parents with resources that aligns with your strategy.

Most parents don’t want more activity, they want their activity to matter more.

Smart parents don’t want more to do, they want to do a few things better.

Orange Tour 2013- Session Two

REGGIE JOINER// What Matters Most

There are two questions that we should ask in ministry:
1) What do you want a kid to become? When someone is involved in your ministry, what is it that you want them to hold on to?

2) Where do you want someone to be?

If you think your job is to convince kids to love Jesus…you’re wrong. Your job isn’t to change them. You’ll get tired.