D6 Conference- Tweets, Livestream & More

Starting Oct. 16 and ending Oct. 18, the D6 Conference is live in Louisville. One of the things I love about the internet is the ability to follow the “happenings” online via Twitter and also, through the D6 livestream. To celebrate and encourage online participation, I picked out a couple of great tweets (thank you tweeters) from D6 conference in Dallas last month (September 25). I encourage you to join the conversation, interact and grow as a ministry leader these next couple of days.

Why is it important for parents to serve?

If you’re in ministry than you would know that volunteers are crucial. In family ministry the most likely source for volunteers are parents. Recently, I began re-examining why I am so quick to recruit parents? Is it simply because they have children, which makes them more likely to say “yes”? Or is there a deeper? I realized that asking parents not only gets volunteers in family ministry but it achieves our goal to empower parents to build their child’s faith in God. Here is why it is important to have parent’s serve:

Orange Tour 2013- Breakout Two

Cueing Parents//Mike Clear

Most parents don’t want more information they want better information.

Sometimes we push too much on our parents…focusing on equipping parents with resources that aligns with your strategy.

Most parents don’t want more activity, they want their activity to matter more.

Smart parents don’t want more to do, they want to do a few things better.

BOOK REVIEW: Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom

Limited Church: Unlimited Kingdom is a book that will radically shift your perceptions of the church, family ministry and God’s Word. As a family pastor I am continual looking at other churches and talking with fellow ministry leaders to grasp a plan for effective family ministry. However, Rob Rienow pens this whole book boldly claiming that the Bible is sufficient and filled with truth that will guide ministry leaders to establish a church that invites people into the Kingdom. Here are some highlights- and trust me there is a LOT I made- to help grasp the basic concepts of Rob’s approach to family ministry:

GIVEAWAY: “10 Tips For Liking The Bible”

My good friend Keith Ferrin (@KeithFerrin) just released a new book entitled “10 Tips For Liking the Bible”. He sent me an early release and as I read through it I found it to be a powerful tool in my family ministry arsenal. Being a family pastor I look at every resource, curriculum and book with the mindset of how can this inspire, equip and/or support parents as the impress faith on their children. Keith’s recent book, and his overall heart, is all about helping parents (or any person reading this book) fall in love with God’s Word.