REVIEW: What’s in the Bible?

Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, has created a wonderful collection of DVD’s that walks children through the Bible. From Old Testament to New, this curriculum is packed with attention grabbing scenes, memorable characters and simply fun. Even though I said “fun” do not mistake that as shallow; on the contrary these videos presented material that I even learned from. Here’s a video from Phil Vischer that shares a bit of the intentions behind “What’s in the Bible?”:

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Treasury of Bible Stories

I must admit…this is the type of Bible I’ve been looking for. Not for myself so much but for the children and families in my ministry. You see, we love the Preschool Bible and we love the Action Bible but we lacked a transitional Bible between the two age groups. Thus, we now have the “Treasury of Bible Stories: Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times” to fill the gap. Here is a short video explaining this new resource, a review & a chance to win a free copy for you or your ministry.

Todd Burpo Interview About “Heaven Is For Real”

A few weeks back I had the distinct privilege of interviewing Todd Burpo on his book, and movie which came out yesterday (April 16) at NWMC14. One of the many things we talked about was the observation Colton made, that Jesus truly loves the children. As a family pastor, I hope to see children fall in love with Jesus and that as a family they live life under the banner of Jesus. Todd further encouraged me, and all children’s workers, that this movie is an applause for all the passion, time and work we (you) invest in showing children & families that Jesus is Lord. Go see the movie, bring other ministry leaders and remember…that what we do makes a difference.

Five Reasons We Need To Network With Local #KidMin & #FamMin

Lately I have had a couple coffees with children’s and family pastors around the Seattle area and it has become clear to me that we need more KidMin/FamMin networks. So many of my colleagues are tired, stressed, lack vision and just need an environment to recharge. This made me begin to think why networking is important. Here are five reasons we need to network with local KidMin/FamMin: