4 Ways I React When A Volunteer Leaves

I wish I could tell you that I retain 100% of my volunteer, but unfortunately I don’t. If you did not know every four months I email all my volunteers and ask a simple question of whether they want to continue serving in children’s or help them move to a different ministry in our church. There are many reasons for this, but manly this question gives our volunteers an opportunity to prayfully consider what God has laid on their hearts. After two years of emailing this question every four months I stumbled upon some thoughts on volunteers who choose to depart the children’s ministry.

Top 100 #KidMin Tweeters

Over the last few weeks I have had the incredible opportunity to work with a few other children’s pastors from around the country to develop an awesome list called “The Top 100 Kidmin Tweeters”. This list has been talked about on Twitter the last few days and there has been an incredible amount of suspense surrounding the big release. But, before I share the list I believe there are two important questions that need to be answered.

Why We Did A Kids Worship Team This Christmas…

I might be the only family ministry pastor with this attitude but I am not a big fan of children’s musical productions at church. I enjoy having purpose and reason for everything we do as a ministry. For that reason I was never responsive or excited about leading a Kid’s Worship Team. Boiling it down, I did not like the idea of spending so much time and energy in producing a “kodak moment” for families…I’m into “faith-building moments” for families. Long story short, many key leaders wanted to help produce a Kid’s Worship Team for our upcoming Christmas Eve services. I gave the green light with the stipulation that this adventure have purpose. Here are the reasons we are doing a Kid’s Worship Team:

When Technology Fails

Technology is wonderful and if used right, it can add a lot to your ministry experience. From lights, to audio & visual; technology today is not out of reach or very expensive. Many churches have found ways to adapt these resources into their ministries. However, one thing I know about technology is the fact the it can fail and crash. A computer goes down, a projector loses a bulb, wire “a” is disconnected…the list of issues are incredible. But the question remains, what should ministry leaders do when technology crashes? Here are a couple of tips that help us:

Why is it important for parents to serve?

If you’re in ministry than you would know that volunteers are crucial. In family ministry the most likely source for volunteers are parents. Recently, I began re-examining why I am so quick to recruit parents? Is it simply because they have children, which makes them more likely to say “yes”? Or is there a deeper? I realized that asking parents not only gets volunteers in family ministry but it achieves our goal to empower parents to build their child’s faith in God. Here is why it is important to have parent’s serve: