4 Ways I React When A Volunteer Leaves

I wish I could tell you that I retain 100% of my volunteer, but unfortunately I don’t. If you did not know every four months I email all my volunteers and ask a simple question of whether they want to continue serving in children’s or help them move to a different ministry in our church. There are many reasons for this, but manly this question gives our volunteers an opportunity to prayfully consider what God has laid on their hearts. After two years of emailing this question every four months I stumbled upon some thoughts on volunteers who choose to depart the children’s ministry.

Why is it important for parents to serve?

If you’re in ministry than you would know that volunteers are crucial. In family ministry the most likely source for volunteers are parents. Recently, I began re-examining why I am so quick to recruit parents? Is it simply because they have children, which makes them more likely to say “yes”? Or is there a deeper? I realized that asking parents not only gets volunteers in family ministry but it achieves our goal to empower parents to build their child’s faith in God. Here is why it is important to have parent’s serve:

GUEST POST: What’s the Why?

Greetings! It’s an honor to be guest posting here at trevorlee.me. One of the things I love about the kidmin/fammin world is the sheer amount of great blogs and web resources available to us all. The exchange of ideas is one of the greatest opportunities that we in children’s ministry have to grow our churches and God’s kingdom.

GUEST POST: My Ministry Is Like The Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Celebrities are doing it, runway models are now modeling this season’s latest, and online merchants are popping up all over the web. Forget Elmo, the ugly Christmas sweater, it seems, is this season’s must have item. There are now books about the Ugly Christmas sweater. Songs have been created, and parties will be thrown nationwide this Christmas all centered around the ugly Christmas sweater.