GIVEAWAY: “10 Tips For Liking The Bible”

My good friend Keith Ferrin (@KeithFerrin) just released a new book entitled “10 Tips For Liking the Bible”. He sent me an early release and as I read through it I found it to be a powerful tool in my family ministry arsenal. Being a family pastor I look at every resource, curriculum and book with the mindset of how can this inspire, equip and/or support parents as the impress faith on their children. Keith’s recent book, and his overall heart, is all about helping parents (or any person reading this book) fall in love with God’s Word.

BOOK REVIEW: Connecting Church + Home

It is a no brainer, the church and parents cannot individually establish faith in children; they must work together. The ultimate problem lies within the church and parents being able to come together to create an environment for true faith formation. Tim Kimmel’s book Connecting Church & Home seeks to identify and implement a strategy to pass faith on to the next generation.

REVIEW: Action Bible Devotional

As a child I grew up reading an illustrated Bible. I remember both of my parents reading the stories as I gazed at the pictures of the great biblical heroes. These picture Bibles helped make the Bible come alive; a visual representation of God’s Big Story. With that said, I am completely blown away by the Action Bible. If you haven’t checked it out click here to order one…you will not regret it. However, this review is on a new addition of the Action Bible family; the Action Bible Devotional.

VBS REVIEW: Go Big! 2013

Plum Court is an apartment complex located a block away from our church; a community with extreme diversity. To give you a picture, our church is located in a community where homes across the street cost nearly a million dollars. Plum Court is smack in the middle of this affluent community; it is actually considered low income housing by the county. For over a year our church has strived to connect with this large apartment complex by serving them in numerous ways and sponsoring family-friendly events that bring this diverse community together. We have earned trust, we have shown that we care and this summer we are bringing the Good News to the children and families of Plum Court. That is why we are using Go Big! VBS from David C. Cook. Here’s why:

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Family Time- A Guide to Family Devotions

Ron Brooks has been in children’s ministry for more than 15 years, serving in a variety of differently-sized churches. He is active on Twitter, co-hosts the Kid Ministry Collective radio show and coaches churches that are looking to establish an innovative children’s ministry. Recently, he published a family devotional book entitled, “Family Talk- A Guide To Family Devotions.” With the beginning of the new year, many people have inquired on a recommendation for families looking to establish devotional moments for the first time. Recently, I interviewed Ron about his book and here is some of what we talked about: