How to Change Someone’s Minds

For the past nine months I have been working to get Life Community to be a church that can fulfill its calling and mission: Reach, Grow and Impact. Like many pastors experience, there have been days of frustrations and victories. Change is not easy, especially for a church that has gone through six years of transitions and defeats. Being the newest of these changes it is natural to face obstacles and barriers. Change can occur within three categories: 

  • Brute Force (doing it anyway)- it is sometimes needed but it’s never a good start of something new…there will be great losses and brutality damages your ability to lead.
  • Patient Transition- this is where we ‘hand hold’ and help people understand the need for change…this could be a drawn out process for a while and the possibility that the original need for change comes and goes.
  • Sudden Agreement- This is strictly a God moment, an “AHA!” moment for the person adjusting through the changes. One day they are against the change, the next they are on board ready to rock.


Yesterday, a great volunteer of the church had an “AHA!” moment. It is this category of change that I prefer and desire from people I pastor to. Change is never easy. Change means giving up your mindset for someone else’s. That’s not easy. Sudden agreement is a combined category- it’s a little bit of brute force and patient transitioning; but true sudden agreement flows from outside of you…a person’s friend, another leader or even God Himself speaking into one’s life. For the leader establishing change one thing rings true…you must be ‘brutally patient’ for the people you serve. Sudden agreement is the Spirit of God truly flowing through His church. That takes you (the leader) being committed to God’s timing and not your own.

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