Dumb Battles and Avoiding Them

Today I forgot something, do not battle for things that do not matter. For whatever reason, both personally and pastorally, I sometimes battle for things that in the grand scheme of things do not matter. The results of these battles can be severe; from broken trust, to hurt feelings and, taken to the extreme, the failure for God\’s love to flourish. With that said it is also just as important to battle over the things that matter. The question remains, what are the “right” battles?

Looking at Jesus, because he put up some awesome battles, we see that the only times Jesus battled was when someone got in the way of God’s love to another. From the adulterous women [John 8] to Peter talking Jesus out from going to the cross [Matt. 16]; when people get in the way of another’s relationship with God…Jesus battles. The issue for dumb battles is when it becomes personal rather than spiritual. One’s ego can get in the way and cause dumb battles.

What are your “rules of engagement”? What subjects or issues do you step up and battle for? Are they righteous issues that God wants you to battle for? And remember, even when Jesus battled he did it in love for God and for others; not for the good of his ego.

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