Gathering #1: God Is Our Source

Mike Erre- Pastor of EvFree Fullerton

I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever…(John 14:16) 

  • We confuse professing something rather than believing in something.
  • If we really believe that the source is enough than why do we focus so much on “jazzing” church up.
  • For Mike, he feels pressure during Easter to do anything to help people hear the good news of Jesus; but it’s like we don’t think Jesus is enough…we have to “add”.
  • If you want to kill Christianity make it the “state religion”, if you want to grow Christianity that persecute it.
  • When we begin tinkering with the American church (different times, kid’s in service, music change, etc.) we fear the results of losing whatever “church” we have. Churches have to be “just right” for the American church to continue- we feel a drive to entertain and market to “grow the church.”
  • The more you listen to the Voice the more you will obey; ignoring that Voice will lead toward continued disobedience.
  • When did we stop risking? When did Christianity turn into risk management?
  • I don’t think Jesus wants us to do anything without Him.
  • I hate being at the end of my rope; but it is in that place where I meet and depend on Him.
  • God is coming to save you…not just your ministry.


The American church can sometimes fall into the practice of becoming consumeristic (is that a word?). Tailoring to the “tastes” of people rather than the “needs” of God’s people. Trusting more on “cool elements” and “wow factors” rather than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Sprit is alive and powerful, but do we really believe that?

In no way do I advocate throwing away what the American church has become. I love the creativity and the unique telling of God’s Story. However, there is a point of “no return”. The Holy Spirit is not something we need to recreate…it is present. When we trust that the Spirit is present, we will see God’s powerful movement throughout our congregations. Don’t go overboard with the things that lead us away from our dependence on God; instead allow the Spirit to take you to places that the American Church has not yet gone. God is the source, our inspiration and the vehicle to bring true spiritual change.

This was a live blog- so please ignore the MASSIVE grammatical errors and m1ssp3llings.

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