Gathering #2: God is Provider

Michelle Anthony- TruMinstry Architect

So…my talk notes got lost as my Word document crashed…but God provides.

God provides was the emphasis of Michelle’s talk. She shared creative antidotes and amazing personal stories to help us understand that God does provide. We all have needs and when we expect God to provide those needs, we approach God with anxiety; will God provide this or that? Another approach is out of disappointment; I asked God for this but not in the way He provided it. 

John 2 (the story of Jesus changing the water into wine) was the foundation that Michelle launched from. When a wedding party ran out of wine, Jesus provided wine, and people were not disappointed. After the wedding Jesus cleared out the temple. Michelle stated that “Jesus was not always polite, but he did provide.” During the wedding He provided fine wine and then Jesus provided a mess at the temple. Of course Jesus did not just create mess, he provided truth and a way for people to approach God.

In many ways God is not a Starbucks where you roll up and ask for a specific drink with specific elements in it. No. God is our provider and He provides the things we need but not necessarily want. My kids may only want P&J, but if I only provided P&J what am I doing to my sons? God knows and God provides.

This was a live blog- so please ignore the MASSIVE grammatical errors and m1ssp3llings.

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