GIVEAWAY: “10 Tips For Liking The Bible”

My good friend Keith Ferrin (@KeithFerrin) just released a new book entitled “10 Tips For Liking the Bible”. He sent me an early release and as I read through it I found it to be a powerful tool in my family ministry arsenal. Being a family pastor I look at every resource, curriculum and book with the mindset of how can this inspire, equip and/or support parents as the impress faith on their children. Keith’s recent book, and his overall heart, is all about helping parents (or any person reading this book) fall in love with God’s Word.

10 Tips 3D - FINAL - JPGYou see, as I work with children and youth, the more I discover the deep need for their parent(s) to support and encourage their faith at home. However, the biggest wall…in my experience…has been the parent’s lack of passion and/or knowledge when it comes to God’s Word. When parent(s) model to their children their deep appreciation for the Word…something happens. I firmly believe the Bible can completely transform a person (and family); especially for a person reading His Word to strengthen their faith in Him. Reading God’s Word is not a knowledge thing…it’s a passion thing.

With that said, Keith’s new book would be a wonderful jumping off point for spurring parents to embrace the desire to fall in love with God’s Word. With a title like “10 Tip for Liking the Bible” they will surely take the book and open it up; but once they begin reading through it they will discover simple meaningful suggestions which will invigorate a parent(s) passion for God’s Word.


Keith is about 48 hours away from ending his one week book launch. Go check out his website where he is giving away free stuff with the purchase of “10 Tips for Liking the Bible” Also, to celebrate the book’s launch Keith has generously offered to give away five electronic version of “10 Tip For Liking the Bible”. To win you must comment on this post, answering this question:

What is your biggest obstacle in getting parents to model time in the Bible at home?   

Giveaway ends on Thursday, April 26 and midnight.

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7 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: “10 Tips For Liking The Bible”

  1. Parents say they do not have the time, or they do not know how. I am contemplating my first blog about this same subject.

    • First blog post? Yeah Alex! Proud of you buddy- look forward to the site’s launch.

  2. Many parents say they do not have the time or they do not know how. This is a topic I want to have my first Blog about.

    • First blog post? Yeah Alex! Proud of you buddy- look forward to the site’s launch.

    • No worries- think I erased the repeated comment.