Green Bananas: Investing in Future Leaders

I love me bananas. Whenever my bride and I go shopping, bananas are on the list. It may surprise you but I always purchase green bananas, along with yellow bananas. The thought being that I can enjoy the ripe bananas (yellow) and then enjoy the unripened bananas (green) later in the week. Typically if you only buy yellow bananas they become “yuk” near the end of the week.Green bananas are perfectly ripen by the end of the week because they ripened through out the week.

When it comes to ministry I have always sought after “green” volunteers. People new to the church or to a particular ministry that can ripen in their faith through serving. Long term volunteers are seasoned and they help keep the ministry moving. But always be recruiting “green” volunteers, this ensures the continuation of the ministry. As soon as you stop bringing in new volunteers your ministry ceases to grow and develop. In essence having the same people continually serving can become “yuk.” Either because they burnout or become stagnant from the lack of new ideas/energy.

“Green bananas” (new volunteers) may not be ready for everything, but patience and time ensures an ideal “yellow banana” (volunteer) for your ministry.

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