GUEST POST: 12 12 12- A Day to Embrace a Modern Twist on Advent

12 12 12

Advent: The coming or arrival, especially of something extremely important.

Advent essentially in Western culture is a preparation for the celebration of Christmas. On 12/12/12 families, churches, and especially preteens everywhere will be committing to a challenge to spend time with Jesus for 12 days in a row.

The challenge is called Give God 12. (#GiveGod12) It’s simple in it’s purpose and clear in it’s requirement. Give God 12 minutes of your crowded Christmas season each day to remind yourself what the holiday is all about.

  • It’s advent.
  • It’s expecting God to be Emmanuel to us right where we are.
  • It’s preparing ourselves to celebrate the Savior’s birthday.

Gregg Johnson, founder of Give God 12 and J12, spends time with Jesus everyday of his life. In fact, he can count on his hands about how many times he has missed since he was 14 years old where he first encountered God in a powerful way during his devotions.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, that’s not so unusually amazing, but it’s real. And with this testimony he has started a movement through materials, curriculum, and events with thousands of preteens and parents who Give God 12 everyday, too.

When you combine the passion of a person with a commitment and a faithfulness to spend daily time with Jesus, the result is explosive. This 12/12/12 we are excited to see what kind of results happen for parents, leaders, teenagers, and preteens everywhere who take the challenge to Give God 12.

Gregg Johnson will be inviting us into his life each day during the 12 days of Christmas through all of J12’s social networks. At the conclusion of the 12 days, Christmas Eve, the question will be raised, are you ready to make this a daily lifestyle as we enter 2013?

The stage is set and we are eagerly expecting a supernatural advent that comes through a practical challenge this December 12th.

About Today’s Author:Stephen Hibdon
color smile suit croppedStephen is the creative director behind J12. He has served in youth and children’s ministry as a full-time pastor for 15 years in the Foursquare Church. He writes books and curriculum and is a video editor, director, and producer. He speaks to children, youth, leaders, and their parents around the world about what God is saying to the church today and strategies to reach the next generation more effectively.

He loves to go to the beach, visit baseball stadiums with his family, and eat at bakeries. He is happily married to his very talented wife, Cynthia and they have three children. Noah is 12, Riley is 9, and Reagan is 7.


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