Hey Northwest KidMin- NWMC14 Is Happening This Week!

Northwest Ministry Conference (NWMC) is coming up quickly and many of you are still deciding on whether to attend. To help here is a list of a couple reasons you need to come and participate in the NWMC this year!

  • Local- Many of the ministry leaders and volunteers that are attending are looking for a ministry conference that is not happen further than a short car ride. If you live in the northwest this is the best conference you can find; a cheap car ride versus an expensive plane ride is a no brainer.
  • Quality Speakers- With nearly 200 speakers, NWMC is ready to pour into your staff, leadership and volunteers of your church! These speakers are flown into Seattle, bringing with them their messages and breakouts heard at other conferences nationally. Beyond the speakers flying in, we have local perspectives from ministry leaders sharing their insights about the challenges specific to the northwest
  • Whole Church Involvement- Most conferences tend to target one area of ministry in your church; have it be youth ministry, children’s ministry or worship. But NWMC is a one stop shop offering breakouts for all areas of ministry within a church. Bring your worship team, bring your children’s volunteers…this conference has something for everyone on you church crew.
  • Affordable- Hands down, one of the cheapest general admission prices you will ever see- especially for the level of conference you will be getting. The conference also allows one-day passes- wonderful for people who are working or have other things filling their busy week. But trust us…you do not want to miss a day of NWMC.
  • Food Included- Nothing breaks down walls better than food; having a meal with hundreds of fellow ministry workers enables for better networking, increase flow of ideas/philosophy and a wonderful opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are serving in the church.
  • Day Time Only- Unlike other conferences, this one shuts down late in the afternoon. The reasoning behind this is to give you time to digest and rest for the next day of conference. Too many times conferences try to jam too much in on one day…the day time only attribute is definitely a bonus for those wanting to head back home and be with their team or families.
  • Exhibit Booths- If you love getting free stuff, demoing new elements of ministry or asking questions with qualified people on products relevant to your church; then you will love the exhibit booths of NWMC. Last year we had 200 booths that provided much needed knowledge, expertise and answers to conference goers; by far the most booths for a conference of this size.

Be a part of a great northwest tradition and a local conference seeking to equip and encourage ministry workers; check out NWMC. We are sure you will find more reasons to make this a regular part of your ministry leadership growth & development. If you are a veteran, we would really like to hear other reasons you love coming to NWMC!

Follow along with the hashtag #NWMC14 from March 27-29, 2014. Check out the website here.

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