Ideas to Actuality

This week I begin a three month journey to complete some major long-term goals:

  1. Final remodeling of the Children’s Zone.
  2. The establishment of an effective church database (with Children’s check-in…yeah!).
  3. The first step in our church’s vision to serve families (code name-“family resource center”). 

I love to dream and think of new ways to reach our community and share Christ with them; but ideas die quickly for me if I do not start working on them. The biggest hurdle for a dreamer is to establish a plan that can get an idea from paper to people. For many dreamers lack this ability. A couple of thoughts on making ideas happen:

  • Discuss with the team. If no one likes them then it might not be the right time. Either way, if the team is not on board then your life just got more complicated.
  • The Goal. What’s the end result, what do you hope to gain or create? Ideas are not just to add work on your plate but to solve problems or tap a potential that exists.
  • Milestones. Come up with actual action items, dates, times, leaders…ideas have a short lifespan, siting on it like an egg will get you nowhere.

God’s great at giving us creative ideas; we just stink at always bring these ideas to actuality. I am sure there are numerous other “pre-flight checklists” that can help get an idea off the ground and I would love to hear them.

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