Orange Tour 2013- Breakout Three

Reggie Joiner// It’s OK to have fun with kids, just for fun.

Fun over time equates relation. We should not underestimate the element of fun.

Fun over time::
– convinces kids you actually like them
– reconnects what has been disconnected
– fosters resilience
– authenticates forgiveness

What you do for kids every week really matters…actually it matters more.
1) What you do every week in a kid or student’s life, will matter more than you think it does.

2) What you do every week in a kid’s life now, will matter more that what you do for (them as) adults. Early investment makes a greater investment in their future. Your greatest work and investment should be in kids and teenagers.

3) What you do every week in kid or student’s l, will keep your church from dying. Where are you developing talent and future leaders of your church? Your church does not worry about what the pastor is preaching…they worry about their children.

The greatest work leaders can do in the church is to lead the next generation so they can be the church.

4) What you do every week in a kid or student’s life, will last a lot longer than you do. There will be a day when people will not remember you. You shouldn’t strive to make yourself famous, but make God famous; create a legacy.

You can’t measure progress because it is gradual

You will only be remembered by those who are with you NOW. 

EVERY week matters…EVERY Sunday matters….leave a legacy, love the kids and show them Jesus.

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