Orange Tour 2013- Breakout Two

Cueing Parents//Mike Clear

Most parents don’t want more information they want better information.

Sometimes we push too much on our parents…focusing on equipping parents with resources that aligns with your strategy.

Most parents don’t want more activity, they want their activity to matter more.

Smart parents don’t want more to do, they want to do a few things better.
3 Key Influences for Parents
– someone who can inspire (family pastor, lead pastor, etc.)
– someone who knows their kid (small group leader)
– someone who are in their life (support parents)

How can you cue parents?
– use social media (twitter, pintrest, Facebook, etc)
– implement a strategic curriculum (leverage your strategy)
– create family experiences
– host open house
– do a family sermon series
– schedule a family vision Sunday

Develop a SEASONAL plan.
– fall season (back to school…cast vision, host a open house, etc.)
– winter season (family experience, parenting group studies, etc.)
– summer season (more family experiences, VBS, etc.)

Develop a WEEKLY plan.
– Sunday; give out physical resources
– Monday-Saturday; use digital resources, encouragements & reminders

What do you cue parents?
– cue them to know whats most important
– cue them to known what is happening
– cue them to know what they can do this week

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