Orange Tour 2013- Session Two

REGGIE JOINER// What Matters Most

There are two questions that we should ask in ministry:
1) What do you want a kid to become? When someone is involved in your ministry, what is it that you want them to hold on to?

2) Where do you want someone to be?

If you think your job is to convince kids to love Jesus…you’re wrong. Your job isn’t to change them. You’ll get tired.
One word is your job: love. Love is the one thing that matters most. You teach theology over time, and leave love out, then you will develop people who follow religion…not Jesus.

Kids hang out with non-Christian because they feel loved and accepted by them. The church must be the place where kids are loved not judged and discriminated.

When love is in the mix…it changes everything.

Do you make statements or have conversations? Kids need a safe place to discuss and ask questions.

Do you fight to win a argument or fight to win a heart? It’s possible to win a argument but still lose.

Could God have created time as a platform so he can consistently show how much He loves us? When a kid shows up one week, is there a instant relationship…no…it takes time.
Love over time equates worth. When you love kid, over time, it will instill worth to that child. You have value to God.

The way you love kids while they are kids can dramatically affect their future.

The beat way for kids to know they are loved by God, is for them to be loved by someone who loves God.

The best way for kids to learn how to love God is for them to learn how to love people who God loves.

Tribes Matter…there are two tribes that are strategically positioned to help kids know the belong: the family and the church.

If kids or teenagers only show up one time, experience one environment, or participate in one activity every week in your church, where would you tell them to go? What is the optimal environment where over time they experience love?

For Reggie…its the small group.

If small groups becomes a priority in your church; then you must begin answering everything with small groups. And everyone must know that the answer is small groups from Preschool to adult ministries.

Small groups changes how you do PROGRAMMING. How do you leverage your programing to LEAD participants to small groups? If a program is not funneling people to small groups…then stop it.

Prune your ministries to strengthen the things that matter.

Small groups changes how you work as a TEAM.

Small groups changes how you recruit VOLUNTEERS.

Do not allow you church to drift into the thinking that a children’s ministry is a babysitting or that we need no ones help to disciple kids.

Your greatest way to disciple teenagers is by engaging them to serve in children’s.

Small groups changes how you create ENVIRONMENTS.

Small groups changes how you partner with FAMILIES.

In your ministry when you make relationships the priority, it will change.

Remember Ir’s harder, not easier to create a small group culture…
– it will always be messy.
– someone will probably get mad.
– it will take longer than you think.
– it will never be done.
– it will be worth it.

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