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For most, prayers that involve the word “volunteers” tend be desperate prayers for more volunteers. Although this should be a prayer, I would argue that it should not be your only prayer. The truth is that volunteers are an important part of your ministry and for that reason they need to be an important group to pray for. Here are a couple of things I pray for my volunteers:

Their Walk// I pray that they seek after Jesus daily. When your volunteers love Jesus it will not only reflect in their ministry but to all who they influence. Being honest, it drives me nuts to see great volunteers serve Jesus on Sunday but abandon their faith the rest of the week. I desire to not just see our ministry as a blessing in their lives; I want to see Jesus bless their faith and service.

Their Ministry// I pray that God can use them to make a grand difference in the lives of our families. At every training I point out that they are ministers and for the Sundays they lead they are the encouragers of faith. I might write the curriculum, but my volunteers administer the message and lead all elements of the environment.

Wise Decisions// Safety is important to me and the main emphasis of this prayer is that our volunteers make wise decisions. This can range from discipline issues, safety concerns and broader issues like changes to the curriculum or taking time to really connect with families/kids. Every day we make decisions, I want my volunteers to make the right decisions…especially on days they lead.

Passionate hearts// As leaders we can generate excitement but I want my volunteers to be passionate about what they do. Sometimes serving can feel like a chore…no matter how hard I try to inspire or encourage. But true passion, in my opinion, can only come from God. I pray that their hearts are broken for the families in our community and passionate to make a difference.

Spirit of Peace// When you work together there will be moments where peace is interrupted. It could be a misunderstanding or a significant issue that can create ripples throughout the volunteer team. For that reason I pray for peace and also pray for individual wisdom to deal with issues as they arise. Conflicts can severely handicap your ministry; pray for continual peace.

Future Volunteers// I would be lying if I did not include this…I pray for volunteers. I ask God to bring forth people who could add to our team, for opportunities to connect with potential people who could make a difference and for our ministry to always have a team that will continue the ministry we do. Don’t make this your only prayer for volunteers.

Praying should not be an act of desperation but a practice of love. Lifting your team up in prayer can not only be a loving act but an element that can usher your team to a whole new level. As you trust Jesus with your team, He will trust you to lead them. What other ways do you pray for your volunteers?

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