Protect Youth with a Clear Volunteer Processing Plan

Currently in the news a Sunday School teacher is in the center of a investigation; “Sunday School Teacher” click here for the story. It is a horrible story, the creepy part is her best friend in high school, was my best friend in highs school’s wife. The closeness does not scare me but, the fact that she was a Sunday school teacher does. I believe in innocent until proven guilty so she is innocent until I hear otherwise.

However, what could we in the church do to help prevent and protect our youth/volunteers in the church? Security is a very series matter; one that my old children’s pastor, Blake Caldwell has really enforced. Here is what he puts volunteers through in order to serve in the ministry;

  • Complete a four page application (covering general information to detailed, private information)
  • A national background check
  • Submit a list of 3-4 references of different relationship to you- we then submit the references a reference sheet.
  • A Gold Creek Pastor’s recommendation
  • Signed “Policy and Procedures Sheet”- basic outline of our expectations as a volunteer inside and outside the church.
  • A three part interview process- initial meet, go over application ”Policy and Procedures Sheet” and final ‘ plug-into’ the ministry
  • After that, I make it a priority to meet with my volunteers at least once a quarter- going over personal and ministerial life.

This of course is not an end all to solving ‘weirdos’ from entering in- but it is a great way to filter them out before putting new adults/youth in influential roles that could endanger or affect our precious youth. No matter the size of your church; protect youth and volunteers  with a standard application process that can actively protect the church.

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