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As a child I grew up reading an illustrated Bible. I remember both of my parents reading the stories as I gazed at the pictures of the great biblical heroes. These picture Bibles helped make the Bible come alive; a visual representation of God’s Big Story. With that said, I am completely blown away by the Action Bible. If you haven’t checked it out click here to order one…you will not regret it. However, this review is on a new addition of the Action Bible family; the Action Bible Devotional.

The preteen years are a crucial age for faith development. Preteens are in the slow transition from following their parent’s faith to making the conscious decision to own their faith. Preteens are primed to begin practices and establish routines that will continue faith formation within their lives. Preteens need appealing resources that can help begin this journey. A resource that not only speaks their language, but is also presented in a way that addresses the challenges they face or will face.

In comes the Action Bible Devotional; a perfect combination illustrated stories and devotional elements that help make these stories applicable to the life of a preteen. The devotional is broken down to 52 weekly devotions and each devotion encompasses six elements (with two other elements that occasionally appear) to help digest the Bible stories. According to the Action Bible Devotional these elements are:

  • Illustrated Story- a graphical telling of one Bible story
  • Key Verse- a highlight from the story you just read
  • X-Ray Vision- thoughts to connect the story with your life
  • Your Mission- three ideas to put the themes into action
  • Your Debrief- three questions to spark some brain cells
  • Mission Accomplished- your place to make notes
  • Share the Adventure- occasional ideas to involve parents or friends
  • Big Picture Page- occasional pages for you to get creative

These elements help transform the Big God Story from simply knowing the Bible to living out the Bible. This critical movement from these two points can be a journey and in some cases a struggle. For example the “Debrief” element of the devotion presents questions that spur the preteen to begin processes the Word in a way that depends less on their factual knowledge but more of a response based on individual (and spiritual) perspectives. This helps make the Bible applicable in a preteen’s life; enabling for healthy faith formation.

If you are a preteen ministry leader or pastor, I encourage you to order a copy today and see how the Action Bible Devotional can benefit the preteens in your ministry.

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