REVIEW: What’s in the Bible?

Phil Vischer, the creator of VeggieTales, has created a wonderful collection of DVD’s that walks children through the Bible. From Old Testament to New, this curriculum is packed with attention grabbing scenes, memorable characters and simply fun. Even though I said “fun” do not mistake that as shallow; on the contrary these videos presented material that I even learned from. Here’s a video from Phil Vischer that shares a bit of the intentions behind “What’s in the Bible?”:


  • Biblically Focused- One of my favorite elements of “What’s in the Bible?” is the choice to instill Biblical literacy. The videos do touch upon some “life lessons” but the focus is to communicate the history, situations and the story of each book in the Bible…and how they are all connected. In my opinion this intentional focus does aid this generation to develop a healthy perspective of the Bible.
  • Production- With catchy music, hilarious scenes (both for children & adults) and creative methods of storytelling this was a quality production. What shocked me the most was how they took large theological concepts and simplified them to understandable dialogue/song. Wish I had some of those theological songs stuck in my head during seminary.
  • Family- My son is a bit young to have long periods of screen time, but when we are on a road trip and he begins acting up we hit “play” and he watches a DVD. My bride and I listen to the dialogue and experience these lessons as a family. I really see these DVD’s as a powerful tool to bring families together and grow in their faith.
  • Voices- My one irritation was that some of the voices were a bit difficult to comprehend. I might be getting old but some songs and conversations on the DVD I did not understanding because of the character voices used.

Overall I loved this curriculum. It is well suited for churches low on volunteers, families looking to have an at home study or for those who have a strong desire to help children understand the Bible cover to cover. Right now “What’s in the Bible?” is have a major offer but you will need to you the promotional code “KIDMIN14”. I encourage you to order a couple DVD’s to check them out yourself.

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One thought on “REVIEW: What’s in the Bible?

  1. I’m with you on this one. I’ve been really impressed with what I have seen from this series. It’s always a good thing when the parent can enjoy a kid’s show more than the kids!