Somehow I Manage…This is How

Currently, I am managing three new staff members who help oversee different areas of children’s ministry. Recently I decided to sit down with my team and share how I manage and why I manage in such a way. Here’s what I shared:

State the Goals. I first bring about a goal to accomplish, or my team brings a goal to me. For instance, we want to make regular visits at the local schools. We talk as a team and figure out if this is a direction we want to go and a goal we want to embrace. At the end of the conversation we create a one sentence goal of what we want to accomplish. Sometimes, these goals can have one sentence with numerous bullet points following.

Establish Objectives. With a goal in hand we discuss the objectives to achieve the goal. Back to the school visits, we decide which school we want to visit, who will be the point person for connecting with the school and when we want to begin the visits.

Measurable Expectations. Goals are pointless without measurable expectations. How do we know if we accomplished our goal without a system of measurement? As we outline a method for achieving our goals, we discuss ways to measure our success.

Follow Up. When all is said and done I meet with either the person or team in charge of accomplishing the goal and follow up. Whether we accomplished the goal or not, we review the objectives and expectations. Follow-ups are critical because it gives guidance to the team you are managing and it improves their abilities over time.

Managing is not as easy as the four points above. The most important thing to me, when it comes to managing, is clear communication. Is your team clear on what they are working towards? These four points help me with my communication and therefore help me manage well.

Would there be anything you would add to this list?

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