The Difference Between AM & PM

Funny story that taught me about ‘good’ communication versus ‘bad’ communication. Here is the story;I received a text from Pastor Blake, my ministry supervisor, stating that he was heading out of town the next day but, wanted to connect at “8:30” for coffee at the Starbucks (we have no offices at Gold Creek). When I received that text, my initial thought was 8:30pm that night…I interrupted as PM. However, after 40 minutes minutes of waiting (I used the time to call my dad and chit-chat with him….good time) I got a call from Pastor Blake saying that he meant 8:30AM the next day- my response was “Ohhhhh AM”.

You see, I use texting quite a bit. For two reasons it is quick and it allows mass communication with many people all at once. The positives far outweigh the negatives in my point of view but, after this I realized the importance of ‘clear communication’ versus ‘confusing communication’. The lesson I learned in this confusion in AM and PM is that messages are not always clear; may be clear to you but, not always to the receiver. Communication is not what’s said, it’s what’s heard. Be specific in texts and if your meeting someone always include where, when and whether it is AM/PM.

Needless to say, I connected with Pastor Blake and he payed for my grande, bold drip, no room…thanks brother!