The Tour Of Some O.C. Churches

My lead pastor and I recently headed down to SoCal for a meeting with the Visioneers. Since we were heading down, I wanted to make the most of the trip by touring some churches and connecting with some KidMin/FamMin peeps in the area. Here are some pictures for you to look at and generate ideas to improving your environments. Explanations can be found below each picture.


RH-ElementaryLeft side facing the stage of the elementary age group environment.

photoRight side facing the stage of the elementary age group environment. Notice the Big God Story timeline above the two tables on the right

RH-Elementary (3)Prayer station. Parents and kids come in to post prayer requests & pray.

RH-Elementary (2)Preschool environment. Love the activity boards positioned at their children’s level.

RH-PreschoolToddler environment.

RH-Preschool (2)Close up of the Toddler stage. Really simple but attractive design…love the “tree”.

Newsong (Irvine, CA)

NewsongThe check in station. What I love seeing is the chalkboard behind the stations. Here they post pics/names of the check in crew with some facts to help introduce themselves to visitors. What a way to appreciate your team and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Newsong (2)These small metal boards are outside every room. Each picture/name is on a magnet. This helps people know who is teach the particular class on that particular day.

Newsong (3)The Big God Story!

Newsong (4)The Junior High environment- interesting enough this was design and built by the teens.

First Christian Church (Huntington Beach, CA)

FCC-K1The Kindergarten through first grade environment, Really creative to us milk crates and wood boxes for seating.

FCC-23The 2-3 grade environment. FCC knows how to pull off a sweet beach theme.

FCC-35The 4-5 grade environment. Very well done tween theme.

Thank you to all the pastors and church leaders that met with us. We enjoyed the time of connection and sharing; may you continue to do great ministry in the OC.

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2 thoughts on “The Tour Of Some O.C. Churches

  1. Very cool pics! Thanks for sharing (and thanks to the churches for allowing you to share.

  2. I love the picture of the big God story. Is that time line available anywhere as a download??