The Vision Of Family Ministry At LifeCC

The more I talk with family and children’s ministry leaders, the more it becomes clear to me that we are on survival mode. Meaning that our focus is truly on the Sunday to Sunday and not the big dreams God has given to us. I do not mean this as an attack, because I find myself in “survival mode” more often than “dream mode”. When I ask a fellow ministry leaders many of them can not even formulate a sentence that clearly defines why they do, what they do. Vision is only helpful if it leads you; vision is not suppose to be the lone sentence you place in publications or post on walls…it must mean something.

I understand the challenges. On a single Sunday I have five ministry areas that demand lessons, trained & passionate volunteers and supplies to make things “happen”. In the midst of all those battles we become so defeated from the war we are trying to fight…the war of forwarding faith to kids, families and the community. This statement begs the questions, that only you can answer; are you here to win battles or win wars?  Are you here to function in “survival mode” or “dream mode”?

Over this past summer I began to dream, truly dream what I am trying to achieve but more importably what God was calling LifeCC to be. As I wrestled over these it became clearer what the vision was for our family ministry. I want to share this vision with you because I hope it spurs you to embrace your vision not as a quote but as a living pulse of your ministry. Here is the vision, objectives and wins of our family life ministry (we do have a separate vision for students & children’s ministry):

Vision [Family Life is the name of our family ministry]//

  • Family Life exists to empower parent(s) to build their child’s faith in God.

Ministry Approach [adopted from the Tru Curriculum]//

  • Inspire- We desire to paint a picture of how a faith in Jesus can create foundation that their whole family can build on. (Jerimiah 32:40)
  • Equip- Provide events, resources and conversations that help enrich the tools parent(s) can utilize to build their child’s faith. (Ephesians 4:11-13)
  • Support- As parent(s) go through the high & lows of raising children we create a community where other parent(s) can become encouragers and supporters to other parent(s). (Ephesians 4:16)

Wins [our wins had be measurable- we have more, but they are difficult to measure]//

  • Kids and parents attend Sunday gatherings & Family Life Events.
  • Parents partner with us by using our faith formative resource at home.
  • Families invite families to Sunday gatherings & Family Life events.

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2 thoughts on “The Vision Of Family Ministry At LifeCC

  1. Trevor, this is a great post. I love your “wins”. I agree with your distinction between survival mode and dream mode – the problem is that so many kids’ ministers are so busy getting everything done that they never have time to dream. This post helps them to do that.

    • Thanks Kaye! Wins are important because without a clear definition you never know how you are REALLY doing. Look forward to chatting with you this week!