VBS REVIEW: Go Big! 2013

Plum Court is an apartment complex located a block away from our church; a community with extreme diversity. To give you a picture, our church is located in a community where homes across the street cost nearly a million dollars. Plum Court is smack in the middle of this affluent community; it is actually considered low income housing by the county. For over a year our church has strived to connect with this large apartment complex by serving them in numerous ways and sponsoring family-friendly events that bring this diverse community together. We have earned trust, we have shown that we care and this summer we are bringing the Good News to the children and families of Plum Court. That is why we are using Go Big! VBS from David C. Cook. Here’s why:

  • Go vs. Come: This is the true strength of Go Big! VBS; instead of begging and pleading people to come to us, we go to them. Being the church does not mean to sit in our church building and hope the neighborhood comes to us because of a flier or a sign posted in the front lawn. Being the church means going to the neighborhood and engaging the community in a proactive way. Go Big! VBS is designed for such an approach.
  • Creatively Fun: The themes, the crafts and the lessons are attractively engaging to the children. Sharing a Bible story can effectively teach facts, but utilizing creative interactions and sensory galvanizing elements helps impress these stories on the kids. Despite the “S” in VBS (Vacation Bible School) this is not school but an environment that enables true spiritual transformation. 
  • Easily Implemented: As a pastor, I desire a VBS that does not take hours to read through, understand and implement. I firmly believe that a ministry bogged down with logistics will succeed in addressing details but fail horribly when it comes to transformation or authentic connections.
  • Fits our Philosophy: Our church is very intentional in everything we do. We approach every Sunday desiring to generate curiosity, share the Bible story and invite children to respond to that story in various ways. What’s the point of having an exceptional VBS but have an unexceptional Sunday experience? For us, VBS is not just about hosting a one week event in the summer, it a extension of who we are weekly.

In a world flooded with various VBS bundles it is nice to find a VBS that enables us to make a difference in our community while adhering to who we are as a church. Go Big! VBS is a ministry opportunity that we look forward to utilizing to bring families closer to Jesus.

As you consider a VBS curriculum for your church, here are some more particulars to help formulate a decision on whether Go Big! VBS will enable you to make a difference in your community this summer:

Age Group:

  • Kindergarten-6th grade


  • $99
  • Free for Unlimited Combo Users

Scope & Sequence:

  • Day 1- God is Creator (Genesis 1-3 – Creation)
  • Day 2- God Saves (Genesis 37, 43-45 – Joseph)
  • Day 3- God is Always With Us (Esther 1-10 – Queen Esther)
  • Day 4- God Loves You And Me (Luke 2:1-21, 22:39-24:12 – Jesus)
  • Day 5- God Wants Us To Be Part Of His Story (Genesis-Revelations – The Big God Story)

Create Elements:

  • Day 1- Backpacks
  • Day 2- Rocks to Remember
  • Day 3- Bracelets
  • Day 4- Love Magnets
  • Day 5- Frames

Themes (suggested themes):

  • Day 1- Come As You Are!
  • Day 2- Backwards Day
  • Day 3- Crazy Hair Day
  • Day 4- Hawaiian Day
  • Day 5- Twin Day


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