When Technology Fails

Technology is wonderful and if used right, it can add a lot to your ministry experience. From lights, to audio & visual; technology today is not out of reach or very expensive. Many churches have found ways to adapt these resources into their ministries. However, one thing I know about technology is the fact the it can fail and crash. A computer goes down, a projector loses a bulb, wire “a” is disconnected…the list of issues are incredible. But the question remains, what should ministry leaders do when technology crashes? Here are a couple of tips that help us:

  • Back-up Plan: As much as you can have a second projector, a extra laptop, etc. This of course can be expensive to have two or three of everything, but remember the equipment does not have to be quality…just has to get you through until a fix can be made.
  • Training: Train your A/V Team or your volunteers to handle simple technology crashes. Sometimes it is a simple as a unplugged monitor or a reboot. The more you invest in training, the more prepared they are to handle issues big and small.
  • Never Be Fully Dependent: This was a hard lesson for me; I love cool lights, big screen and awesome sound. However, sometimes I depend on this too much which enables it to become a addiction rather than a complementary element to your ministry.
  • Be Honest: People will notice if technology crashes. When it does; address it and move on. If tech crashes during a service don’t try to fix it during the service, it’ll become a distraction. I’ve learned that when you try to play it off like everything is good or ignore it, people will tune out.
  • Learn & Fix: After the ministry event, learn what crashed your technology and make a plan to fix it ASAP. Too many times I finish out the day and forget to fix whatever crashed out of tiredness. Come the next event, it’ll still broken and frustration will quickly move in.
  • Avoid “Cheap” Solutions: Purchase great equipment which will extend usability and dependency of the technology. Like the old saying goes- “you get what you pay for”- is a extremely true statement when it comes to technology.

Whether you have complicated technology or simple technology, your ministry will benefit from utilizing such elements. Although these system can be complicated and plagued with potential issues, they can really enhance your ministry experience. For our ministry the reward out ways the risk, but being mindful of potential crashes can save you from a lot of headaches.

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