Whoa, It Was Not a Train Wreck

Today, while coaching, I heard a faint tune being sung from a distance. It was a the song our band played during the Student Easter Celebration…”Your Name High”. Now, the funny thing is after our last celebration the band was talking and reviewing the worship. One of our student musicians said that this song was the one that the crowd least participated in. “Your Name High” was the one song that did not go over well with the crowd…Was it placement? The band’s ability to play? or Too early in the morning? Whatever the reasons the whole band agreed with the student musician…”Your Name High” did not go over well.

Fast forward to today, and here are youth (some did not even attend the celebrations) singing and humming the song. Getting home I called the student musician and told him the great news…”Your Name High” went better than we thought. Here is what I concluded:

  • Songs with the word “whoa” in it are easily remeberable to our audience.
  • First evaluations, right-after an event, may not always be the best evaluation.
  • Even when we view things as a “train-wreck”, it’s usually not a total “train-wreck”.

At first glanced it was a “train-wreck”, instead it was successful. Those youth humming and singing that song helped introduce youth to our church, the Gospel and one awesome song.