Why I am Excited for Family Ministry Conversations

I have been looking forward to David C. Cook’s Family Ministry Conversations (FMC) tour in Seattle on Oct. 25. I hope that you too will get motivated to check it out and attend. Here are some reasons why I’m excited:

It’s a needed conversation. This past summer I participated in the Family Ministry Blog Tour. This tour was an online conversation focused on defining what family ministry looks like in the local church. I learned that family ministry is not easily defined and that local churches have different perspectives. What’s neat about the FMC event is its emphasis on discussions between family ministry leaders.

Happening in a location near you. Another great element of FMC is that it’s based on community. FMC will be happening throughout the US and Canada, with nearly 19 cities on the schedule. The heart of this event is creating a community of dialogue within your community. By drawing like-minded ministry leaders from the same area together, this means that long-term relationships and connections will continue onward past the FMC event.

Cheap. It’s only $25, so yeah…it’s cheap compared to other one-day conferences.

Accessibility to family ministry leaders. FMC has an incredible team that has planned this event. Each location is receiving qualified facilitators to help generate dialogues, lead discussions and introduce new insights into the conversations. Unlike other large ministry conferences, participants in FMC will be close and have personal exchanges with these facilitators.

Dr. Michelle Anthony. Michelle has been the inspiration and architect for family ministry philosophy of David C. Cook. She served more than 20 years in church leadership as the Children’s & Family Pastor at ROCKHARBOR church in southern California. The passion and wisdom she brings to family ministry is unmatched. Although she is not attending every FMC event, her insights and fingerprints are all over this event. Her approach to family ministry is not only relevant but has been successful in practice throughout local churches.

Catered lunch. Who can beat a lunch with good people who work in the ministry? We all work to unite families and children together under the banner of Christ. We are all called on some level to ensure that family ministry makes a difference in the local church.

That is why I’m pumped for Family Ministry Conversations and I hope you will check it out. Bring your lead pastor (they get in for free).

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