Why is it important for parents to serve?

If you’re in ministry than you would know that volunteers are crucial. In family ministry the most likely source for volunteers are parents. Recently, I began re-examining why I am so quick to recruit parents? Is it simply because they have children, which makes them more likely to say “yes”? Or is there a deeper? I realized that asking parents not only gets volunteers in family ministry but it achieves our goal to empower parents to build their child’s faith in God. Here is why it is important to have parent’s serve:

  • Modeling to kids// When it comes to sharing and passing on faith to a child modeling is the number one way impress faith.  Parents are the principal influencers in a child’s life and seeing their parents contribute to the church body –through serving- will create a significant ripple effect in the next generation of faith leaders.
  • Inspiration to lead// In my conversations with parents it is not a matter of resourcing or the church’s failure to equip them lead their children spiritually…it is a matter of inspiration. They face this challenge to spiritually lead with fear and worry. When parents volunteer in ministry, they begin serving others…sharing the Big God Story (BGS) in variety ways. By sharing the BGS, they can begin to shift that ability to lead others to leading their children in faith.
  • Vision uploading// It is something every leader must realize about vision; just because people attend your church does not necessary mean they know the vision. Oddly knowing the visions statement does not necessary equate to one “knowing” it. Vision needs to be experienced and it is only experiences it through action. In this case, serving in ministry enables parents to become exposed to the vision thus compelling them to live out that vision.

These are only three reasons that drive me to invite parents onto my leadership team. Unfortunately many leaders need parent volunteer out of desperation rather than intention. I encourage you to evaluate why you need parent volunteers- think beyond “we need help” and define what parents will take away when serving in your ministry.

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