Why TRU’s Home|Front Weekly is a Game Changer for KidMin

Our Children’s Ministry at Life Community Church uses TRU curriculum from David C. Cook. TRU supplies weekly take-home lessons for our kids and their families to interact, as part of the curriculum. The TRU philosophy champions parents as the primary spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. To help promote that philosophy, we send home a weekly flier called Home|Front. Here’s why they are a game changer for children’s ministry:

Age Appropriate. Every environment in our ministry (Toddler-Preschool-Elementary) strives to be age appropriate and also deliberate about sharing the Big God Story (BGS). Home|Front not only helps teach the BGS but it also helps parents interact with their children within the age appropriate mindset.

Preteaching. This is the major reason why I LOVE Home|Front. Rather than reviewing what was just shared in church that Sunday, it shares the upcoming lesson for the following Sunday. Yes, we send families home equipped with the BGS for the next Sunday. This allows parents to be the primary storytellers. They are the initial voice of the story rather than an echo from the pastor or classroom volunteer.

Blessing. Many parents pray for their kids and with their kids regularly. But how often do we bless our children; look them in their eyes, lay hands on them and tell them how God is going to use them? The difference between a blessing and prayer is that a blessing typically begins with, “May God…(fill in the blank).” This is a word of encouragement and empowerment. Every Home|Front flier provides a blessing that every parent can speak over their kids weekly and in some cases daily.

Parent Focused. Empowering parents is a key part of our church’s family ministry plan. As a church, we become partners alongside parents. By allowing parents to be the first to share the Big God Story and have interactive discussions with their children at home, parents are in the position to lead their children to the Lord. The Home|Front layout is a simple and active plan that truly empowers the parents to lead their children spiritually.

There are many different take-homes from numerous different curricula, however, Home|Front is the only take-home sheet I know of that is completely dedicated to empowering parents to lead their children spiritually. Check out a sample of TRU’s Home|Front Weekly here. I would love to hear your opinions.


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